Vehicles of the 20's
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1928 Minerva AM Convertible Town Cabriolet

by Derham

Of the many Belgian marquees prospering in the first half of this century, Minerva is one of the few familiar to American enthusiasts.  The later Twenties produced some of Minerva's finest creations.  The huge 6-liter AK six, introduced during 1927 was in essence it overbored AC with alloy pistons getting around 100 hp in stock form with a single dual-choke carburetor. Wheelbase measured 149 1/2 inches.  The cantilever rear springs and servo brakes went unchanged.  The AM version pictured above, from the golden age of Minerva's New York operation, featured conical rather than hemispherical type combustion chambers and was available with left-hand steering.  Radiator stone guards were found on most 32 CV cars -- although the single bar tubular bumpers would not normally be seen on examples sold in Europe.  The AM designation seems to be peculiar to cars sold in the United States.




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Feb. 3, 2010