Vehicles of the 60's
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1965 Alvis TE 21 Cabriolet

With its first production automobile in 1920, the English firm of Alvis established a solid reputation for reliable automobiles that performed well.  By 1921, 322 examples had been built;  by the end of the 20's some 6,000 Alvis cars were on the road.  The Alvis 10/30 featured a 1.5 liter four, a 4-speed gearbox, and an alloy body.  Unlike most cars of its day, it was capable of 60 miles per hour.  The Alvis TE 21, introduced in 1964, carried on the tradition of its predecessors.  Power came from a 150 bhp six that could moved the car to a maximum speed of 120 mph.  Four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes were standard, along with a 5-speed ZF manual transmission.  The TE 21's most striking feature was its handsome body, designed by the Swiss coach-builder Graber and constructed by Mulliner-Park Ward in England.  Coupe and cabriolet versions were offered and a total of 355 examples were built.



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