Vehicles 1900 - 1920
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1914 Stutz 4E Bearcat Speedster

Although the Bearcat was not the only car produced by Stutz it certainly attracted the most publicity.  Definitely not a luxurious car -- even the curious monocle windscreen was optional -- the bearcat closely resembled the notorious Stutz racing machines that were enjoying so much success.  In 1912 alone, Stutz cars were entered in 30 events taking 25 firsts, 2 seconds, and one third.  Alhough not the same highly tuned engine of the track racers, the 390 cubic inch four-cylinder T-head Wisconsin engine of the Bearcat was still more than inadequate -- delivering only 60 hp at 1500 r.p.m.  A six cylinder version of the engine displacing 426 cubic inches was also available as an option although the racers, without exception, used modified versions of the four-cylinder powerplant.  In 1915 a Bearcat shattered the San Diego-New York cross country record to 11 days and seven hours.




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