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In each instance these pictures were taken by Pat during his travels.  In some instances they were taken on a 35mm camera and then scanned into the system.  Others have been taken since the arrival of digital cameras

Clicking on a picture will then present it "full" size.  It may even be bigger than your screen depending on resolution of the picture.  Use the "back arrow" key of your browser to return to this page.

Kona, Hawaii

KonaSurf0301_2.jpg-R.JPG (353818 bytes)KonaOutriggerBeachWhtGrass0301-R.JPG (370599 bytes)KonaOutriggerSunrise0301_6AA-R.JPG (297973 bytes)


Maui, Hawaii

MauiMntnTrees.JPG (521760 bytes)


Nantucket Scenes

Nntktsne.jpg (260212 bytes)LthouseBeauty.jpg (299922 bytes)AmericanWindmill.jpg (190501 bytes)


El Fuerte, Mexico

ElFuerteMX_HuntingTrip81_3.jpg (191958 bytes)ElFuerteMX_HuntingTrip81_4.jpg (209269 bytes)

Geneva, Switzerland

104-0457_IMG.JPG (814720 bytes)

Quito, Equador

CtrofEarth_Quito.JPG (148138 bytes)

Antiquera/Malaga, Spain

AntequeraMtnPat.JPG (302115 bytes)AntequeraBellTwr-R.JPG (279557 bytes)AntequeraLoveMntn-R.JPG (422625 bytes)

Notice the mountain in the background (Love Mountain).  When looked at properly one can see what appears to be the resting head of a person lying down.

Paris, France

EifelTwr97.JPG (340142 bytes)

New York, NY

EllisIsleNY_Ornge-R.JPG (382594 bytes)NYSkyline2-R.JPG (251868 bytes)

Everyone will recognize the skyline above -- what a neat opportunity to get a picture when the back buildings were in temporary shade.  The picture in "orange"?  Why Ellis Island, of course!

Toronto, Canada

Blue3DOfficeBldgs-R.JPG (264398 bytes)

No trick photography -- and the buildings are real.  The coloring of the glass windows creates a very interesting trick on the eyes!


Montreal, Canada

MontrealFlowers4.jpg (355265 bytes)

Edinborough, Scotland

Edinborough6.jpg (221626 bytes)

Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSPCapAPlus.JPG (393396 bytes)MSPTopCap1.JPG (336029 bytes)

Colorado Beauty

ColoradoLakeScene-R.jpg (326367 bytes)

DurangoSilvertonTrainRide_7.jpg (210685 bytes)DurangoSilvertonTrainRide_4.jpg (183829 bytes)DurangoSilvertonTrainRide_2.jpg (203612 bytes)

Branson, Missouri

BransomBridge97-R.jpg (225666 bytes)

Reflections and coloring made for an interesting bridge picture.

Lexington, Kentucky

LexingtonKY_1.jpg (291788 bytes)

Carlsbad, California

CarlsbadCA4-R.jpg (358272 bytes)

We have our own beach beauty right here in the United States!

Bogata, Columbia

BogataScene1-R.jpg (272771 bytes)

Mesa Verde, Colorado

MesaVerdeCO_CliffDwellings_4.jpg (218358 bytes)

Lihue, Hawaii

Wailua Falls 5-R.JPG (393360 bytes)WaimeaCanyonStPark Lihue HI-R.JPG (311595 bytes)

The falls shown are from "Fantasy Island" fame.  They are the Wailua Falls.  The Waimea Canyon also shown makes it obvious that Lihue has its own "Grand Canyon".

Page, Arizona  (Lake Powell)

LakePowell1.jpg (283450 bytes)

Fort Worth, Texas

STKYARDSSTKEXCHANGE.JPG (34126 bytes)LonghornDrFtWrth_1.jpg (40639 bytes)

A trip to Fort Worth is just not complete until you've toured the historic Fort Worth Stock Yards -- a very interesting part of history.  You even get to watch a Longhorn Cattle drive a couple of times a day.

Sun Valley, Idaho

SunValleyIDAHO_2.jpg (250163 bytes)


WyomingSteamBeauty-R.jpg (358678 bytes)


Honolulu, Hawaii

HNL Bay Skyline 32402.jpg (636625 bytes)    HNL Skyline 2 032302.jpg (563038 bytes)


Anchorage, Alaska

Portage Glacier 4 72702.JPG (552341 bytes)    Seward Hwy 4 72702.JPG (516304 bytes)    Lake Hood Seaplane Tied Down 2 72702-DE.jpg (659446 bytes)


It is difficult for anyone to deny the natural beauty that we have here in these United States.


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