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Check out these sites -- you may find them interesting!


bulletAn amazing reference site -- reported to be one of Collin Powell's favorite web sites.  It is one of my favorites too. They have links to multiple search machines, mapping (directions), email servers (looks like all of them to me), mathematical computations -- you name it:


bulletThis site is definitely a keeper for us "techies".  This link is one for those of us who have questions (or comments) about recording of CD's, CD-R's, DVDs -- any video recording on CD type media.  Lots of good stuff here. Try it -- you will like it.
bulletWant a good real estate investment?  Click on the "Real Estate for Sale" page of this website.


bulletIf you are a pilot and want to find out information about a particular airport, or check the weather, or compute a flight plan, try this one:


bulletEver wondered just what the heck made something work -- or how it worked at all?  This site tells everything from how a motor to a camcorder works.  You'll find this interesting:


bulletWant to put in a family web site -- quick and easy?  And at no cost?  Go to this site and check it out.  Free email and lots of other goodies:


bulletAircraft Fractional Ownership is the latest and greatest in the field of general aviation.  Bombardier's FlexJET is the premier of those in this field based on numerous surveys.  They operate new Bombardier Aircraft including the Challenger 604 and 605; Challenger 300; and Learjets 40, 45, and 60. Check out their web site to see what it's all about:


bulletHow about a single site that hooks you up to government at a glance:

bulletAnd, if you do your own taxes, or would like tax stats or data, or just some IRS forms to keep from driving to the libary (or who knows where to get that weird, rarely used form) try this spot on the internet:

bulletEvery thing that you wanted to know about lab test -- important information on blood tests, hormone analyses, and other diagnostic tests.

bulletTaking a cruise?  Perhaps an advance check of the ship's cleanliness would be appropriate.  Go here:

bullet A crossword puzzle advocate?  Here's the place:




Each of these sites have useful (or at the very least interesting and/or entertaining) information. ENJOY!!


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