Hondas I've Owned
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This was my first Honda.  In fact, it was my first "REAL" motorcycle since my first two-wheeler was "only" a Cushman Eagle.  Unlike the Cushman which ate up my shoe soles while trying to kick-start it, this Honda had push-button starter -- something that even Harley-Davidsons of that day didn't have.  Bought this used current model cycle in 1965 and kept it until late 1967 (sold it when we built our first home).  And YES, that was my 1964 1/2 Mustang (new at the time -- but unfortunately sold long before they became so valuable).




My next Honda was this beautiful (I really loved the Gold color) Honda CB450 which was bought used some time in the early 70's.  It was definitely a power house although I don't remember how many horsepower it had.  It was nice, but at some point flying became very time consuming and I didn't "have time" for the motorcycle so it went on it's way to a new owner.  (Missed this one after selling it!)


My next Honda was a Honda CB550 which I bought used in the late 70's.  Not too sure that a bunch of these were built and although more cc's than the CB450, it didn't seem to have the moxie of the CB450.  It was nice and had been kept like new by the person I bought it from.  Unfortunately it didn't get ridden too much (time problems due to "flying" again), and a family member convinced me to sell it to him.




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