"Gotta Have" Software
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These links will take you to some "gotta have" software.  Some (if so noted) are just for the Palm operating system (for old handhelds:  Handsprings, Palms, etc.).  Others work in Windows (laptops, desktops, etc.).  All are indeed useful.  Some (including the GRC service) are free and some may cost a few dollars. 

bulletAdobe Acrobat Reader -- this software most likely came installed on your computer.  If it didn't, that means your computer is so old that the software may still be under the stagecoach seat.  But, clicking here you can download the latest version.  Tis free, unless you get the "super duper" model.  Any and all software from Adobe is outstanding -- all of them do the job they are designed to do in a superb manner.


bulletLooRoll  - this site is the location of some fantastic Wallpaper for your computer.  Check it out.  And it, of course, is free but well worth the visit. 


bulletGRC - have you ever wondered if that Firewall was doing what it was supposed to do?  If so, here is the place to find out FOR SURE!  Tis a great site with lots of free software and expertise.  Check it out and rest easier.


bulletThis is THE answer to a special email program.  Send email with sounds, graphics, you name it.  IT's GREATT!!!!!!!  Just click on the below banner and ENJOY!!!!!

Download IncrediMail