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In addition to the nice home on the property, there is an equipment shed used to house the tractor, baler, and other equipment or hay -- as needed.

There are also three buildings used for our animals that were installed in April, 2011.  These very nice quality buildings were built by Homestead Sheds.  To go to their website simply  <Click here>  .


This medium sized building is 8' X 12' and is 4 feet 6 inches tall at the peak.  It is intended as protection for our goats (and/or other small animals in the area).


This larger building is 17' X 12' and is 9 feet tall at it's highest point.  Three walls are enclosed to provide winter protection. Kickboards are also installed. (Although intended as protection for our "guardian" donkeys and llamas, sometimes the goats "trespass".)



Our largest building is large enough to hold and protect a trailer loaded with hay, park a full-SUV (such as a Suburban) or our tractor, etc.  At 17' X 23' 6" it is basically twice the size as the building for our "guardian" animals.  This building is also utilized for animal protection as noted by the installed kickboards. Three fully enclosed sides were again utilized to provide good winter protection (the small opening shown in one of the pictures was due to using a picture taken during construction).


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