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Ride in a U-2

NOTE:  After viewing these videos, simply click the "RETURN ARROW" to get back to this website.  Thanks and enjoy!


This video involving two dogs eating is great.  Someone spent a lot of time filming this and once you start watching, you will find yourself trying to watch both dogs -- and probably viewing it MORE than once.  Enjoy by CLICKING HERE


This is a BEAUTIFULLY performed rendition of "How Great thou Art" -- guaranteed you will like it!  Click HERE


Pictures (in color) of these Americas in 1939 - 1943.  Excellent.  Click HERE.


Political Correctness.  Aw come on, CLICK HERE to view Jalopenos.


This is a cute Christmas jingle Goat video that is VERY entertaining -- CLICK HERE!


The Obama Budget Plan -- CLICK HERE!


Walmartians -- have you seen any?  If not, CLICK HERE.


Is this what they learned?  CLICK HERE.


With an ad like this, this guy is sure to win his bid for CONGRESS!  CLICK HERE!


Old "666" -- B-17 of WWII.  Click here.


Space shuttle Discovery's Flight Deck.   This one is fantabulous!   Click here!


Teasing the Dog.  Great job by both dog AND producer.  Click here!







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