Antique Trucks
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Trucks of the Teens
1923 Autocar Dump Truck
1925 Hupmobile
1928 Sterling
1950 Sterling 2002 D
1927 Chevy Trucks
1925 Ford Model T
1928 Ford Model A
1941 Ford V-8 Fire Truck
1947 Studebaker
1948 Mack
1949 Mack 75
1951 Mack LJT Diesel



Workhorses of Yesteryear


Too often these workhorses were run to the end of their usefulness and then turned into scrap metal or forgotten and left to rust.  As a result, many of us have never seen these pieces of equipment.

And -- if not for some truck enthusiasts and their restoration efforts -- we wouldn't even have these pictures.

Thanks "enthusiasts" -- I for one am glad you took the time, effort, and expense to keep this part of history alive.


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