Antique Aircraft
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Excellent pictures of past aircraft --


Thanks to Hal Austin, we have a group of photographs from the early days.


Albin K. Longren airplane
Photo of Albin K. Longren's first airplane
Date: 1911






Albin K. Longren's No. 6, Model G airplane
Photo of Phillip Billard sitting in Albin K. Longren's No. 6, Model G airplane
which was 
built in 1911
Date: Between 1916 and 1920





Albin K. Longren's No. 6, Model G airplane
Photo of Albin K. Longren's No. 6, Model G airplane surrounded by a group of

unidentified people

Date: Between 1911 and 1916

Albin Longren's first airplane

View of Albin Longren's first airplane in Winfield, Kansas .
Date: November 25, 1911



Cessna airplane
Photo of "Silver Wings," a Cessna monoplane in flight.

Date: 1911



Clyde Cessna

A view of aviation pioneer Clyde Vernon Cessna, 1879-1954, founder of Cessna
Aircraft Company of Wichita , Kansas , and spectators with his aeroplane at Burdett ,
Kansas .
Date: 1914



Clyde Cessna
Clyde Cessna & his 1916 airplane; The first built in Wichita,KS; Photo taken at Beaver,
OK with part of the Beaver Boosters.
Date: 1916



Clyde Cessna
Date: Unknown


Flying machine, Goodland, Kansas
This photograph shows the Goodland flying machine, a forerunner of the helicopter,

designed and patented by William Purvis and Charles Wilson of Goodland, Kansas. Purvis
and Wilson built the ship about 1910. The engine was apparently too small and the
machine never flew.
Date: Around 1910



Laird Swallows

A view of four new Laird Swallow airplanes parked in a field at 29th and Hillside
Streets in Wichita, Kansas . Designed by aviation pioneer Emil Matthew "Matty" Laird,
1886-1982, the first Swallow was built for the commercial market in 1920 by Laird
Swallow Manufacturing Company of Wichita.

Date: Between 1920 and 1925



Longren's airplane company
Albin K. Longren's airplane plant Topeka, Kansas .
Date: Between 1910 and 1920



Longren's biplane
Albin K. Longren's biplane
Date: Between 1910 and 1920



Walter Herschel Beech

Walter H. Beech, 1891-1951, (left) pilot and President of Beech Aircraft Corporation,
and Brice H. Goldsborough, of the Pioneer Instrument Corp. and navigator, standing by
a Travel Air built by Beech. They demonstrated the practicability of "blind flight" and
won the 1926 Ford Reliability Tour.

Date: 1926



Walter Herschel Beech and Olive Ann Beech
Walter Herschel Beech, 1891-1951, and Olive Ann Beech, 1903-1993, viewing
World War II aircraft production lines at the Beechcraft Plant I in Wichita , Kansas .

  Date: Between 1940 and 1945




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