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Welcome to our site!

The primary purpose of this web site is to be entertaining. 

The secondary purpose is to make easy access (via hyperlinks) to several sites that you may find of value. These linked sites contain interesting, entertaining, and/or informative type information. 

Several photographs (occasionally changed or added to) are included. 

Some pages have sound added for additional interest/entertainment. 

A few jokes and cartoons are thrown in to make for a few laughs.   And just for good measure -- and for your enjoyment -- several "bumper stickers" have been scattered throughout the various pages.

Book mark our site so that you may easily return in the future.

Please note a new area to our website started in April, 2011, contains information about our llamas.  They are very interesting, very beautiful, and perhaps even SPECTACULAR animals.






This site originally established 11/07/07